When is Onam 2015

Onam is the most popular and the biggest festival celebrated in the state of Kerala in India. It falls in the Malayali month of Chingam, i.e. between the end of August and early September. It is celebrated to mark the homecoming of the legendary king, Mahabali. The festivities of Onam lasts for ten days and bring the best cultural elements and rituals of the state such as

  • Pookkalam ( Rangoli )
  • Vallam Kali ( Boat race)
  • Thumbi (Traditional dance form)
  • Onapottan (Onapottan is a guest who visits every household in North Kerala during the Thiruonam day.),
  • Kazhchakkula (an offering to the deities)
  • Attachamayam (heralding the start of 10-day 'Onam' festivities in Kerala )

It is an annual harvest festival and is also the festival of rain flowers. It falls less than a fortnight after the New Year of Kerala begins. Chingam is the welcome month for the Malayalis and this festival is considered as a harbinger of spring. It signals the beginning of the harvest season in the state. During the ten day long celebrations, rituals such as buying new clothes, traditional Kerala cuisines and celebrations through dance and music are followed. The first day of the ten day long celebrations is known as Atham when statues of Vamana are placed at the entrance of each house.

On the final day which is called Thiruvonam, the birth of the deity of Thiruvanthapuram, Sri Padmanabhan is celebrated. It is the most important day in the celebrations of the Onam festival.

In 2015, it is falling on 28th August 2015 (Friday)

Thiruvonam Nakshathram Begins = 20:19 on 27/Aug/2015
Thiruvonam Nakshathram Ends = 18:07 on 28/Aug/2015.

This year too, people of all communities, religions and castes will celebrate this major festival of Kerala with the feelings of great fervour and joy. Traditional rituals followed by lavish feast and gifts from family members will be enjoyed by the Keralaites. Boat races, fireworks, dance and music will complete the celebrations and will showcase the beauty and culture of the state.

Onam In Different Years

Weekday Date Year Name
Thu Sep 15 2005 Onam
Tue Sep 5 2006 Onam
Mon Aug 27 2007 Onam
Fri Sep 12 2008 Onam
Wed Sep 2 2009 Onam
Mon Aug 23 2010 Onam
Fri Sep 9 2011 Onam
Wed Aug 29 2012 Onam
Mon Sep 16 2013 Onam
Sun Sep 7 2014 Onam
Fri Aug 28 2015 Onam
Wed Sep 14 2016 Onam