Onam Recipes

Onam's grand feast has a special name for itself and is served in a special logical manner too. Often known as "Onasadhya", this impressive spread of delicacies is served in the banana leafs. The leaf has to be placed in a particular manner and the dishes are also served in a systematic order beginning from the left with "Upperies" (deep fried dishes)

Apart from the presentation of the food, the dishes that are made are really tasty. There are a variety of side dishes like curries, "pappadams" (round crisp flour cakes), "achaars" (pickles) and plantain fruits are also served as a part of the meal.

Here is a list of some popular recipes that you can use at or around the festival of Onam.

  • Sambar

  • Moru curry

  • Theeyal

  • Thoran

  • Injipuli

  • Neychorr

  • Injithair