Elephant Parade

The procession of Onam gets its shade of royalty with the regal elephant ride that takes place at Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. The elephant is decked in gold and looks magnificent. And we have not just one but a whole lot of them.

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The Stunning Attire

Intricate designs made on the big golden plates are made for the elephant’s forehead. These are big enough and continue till the trunk. A lots of craftsmanship goes into making the innovative and exquisite designs each year. Another unusual feature of the elephants decorative is the parasol.These are long stemmed ceremonial silk and satin umbrellas laced with white metal and placed on the top of the animal. A silk robe, some jewelry and body paintings add to the looks. Only the most impressive and good looking gets the honor of being a part of the procession.

The Royal Show

The spectacular procession of pachyderms is one of the major attractions of Onam and attracts thousands of enthusiastic people. Majestic as it is, the elephants look even more handsome with the ornate caparison, which they get on this day. A darling of children, pachyderm amuses its audience by garlanding some, staring others and shaking its trunk and the big body a little along with the rhythm. The crowd goes mad with laughter with these cute little pranks of the king-sized animal. The event is inclusive of feasting, dance, music and merrymaking.