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Malayali Festivals of India - Onam Festival 2013

Onam Cards
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Experience the manifold vistas as the Onam celebrations make the aura heavenly. Like all other Malayali festivals, Onam and Vishu too have a typical flavor of their own. With Onam round the corner, let us rejoice by indulging in activities like Elephant parade and Boat race. The celebrations for the festival of Onam start knocking the door with the beginning of the first month of the Malayalam Calendar, called Chingam. As per the Western Calendar, this month falls parallel to August- September and Bhadrapada-Bhado according to Hindi Calendar. Onam 2013 is going to be observed on 16th September.


Onam is the most awaited festival of Kerela. The Onam celebrations stretch from four to ten days that are spent in performing various Onam rituals. With the commencement of festivities of Onam, every where there can heard special Onam songs, music and the bang of dancing feet. These ten days are immersed with good food, fun and gusto that portrays a splendid rainbow of customs of Onam.
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Vishu Festival

Vishu commences Malayalee New Year's Day that begins from ususally April 2013. Preparing Vishu Kani is a major part of celebrating Vishu as it is signified as the lucky sight to embark a new year.

Vishu is the first day in the first Malayalam month of Medam (March April) and is the most important festival of Kerala. This year Vishu is celebrated on 14 April 2013 (Date to be confirmed). Vishu is a festival welcoming the spring season as a new year begins afresh.


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